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President’s Message

The Jefferson Township Education Association (JTEA) is made up of professionals who hold a wide range of jobs with varying responsibilities.  The single common thread which binds all of our members is their dedication to the children of the district.  Every member does whatever is needed to help each child become the very best person her or she can be.  Society currently has varying views on what the members of a school system actually do, but I say that if each student grows up and becomes a positive, contributing, and influential member in society, then we have done our jobs.

Our Vision

The Jefferson Township Education Association is a diverse, democratic, and inclusive organization working to create an optimal environment to achieve excellence in public education for the public Schools in Jefferson Township, NJ.

JTEA’s Current Constitution

Our Goals

  • To affiliate and cooperate with the New Jersey Education Association and the National Education Association to promote the highest standards and practices
  • To promote and protect the rights and welfare of all members
  • To represent to interests of all members in the development of effective policies
  • To assist each student in attaining his or her potential
  • To promote instructional improvement and professional development
  • To improve the organization of the association to guarantee the full and effective participation of all members
  • To promote cooperation, communication, and leadership within the Association


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